Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Barbarianism in Beltola

Barbarianism in Beltola

The unfortunate violence at Beltola (Guwahati) last Saturday has sent a tremor of shocks and disbelief to all of us in Guwahati. The atrocities meted out to the protesting tribal (adivasis) by a mad public in full daylight and under the very nose of security personnel have left me freezing numb. Never in my life have I seen such gross violation of humanity against the tribal, their women and young persons.

The gory incident took place so close to me (I stay at Beltola so are many tribal families) that shook my entire foundation of self respect, dignity, right to life and freedom of expression as a tribal and as a citizen of this great country.

What ever the immediate cause for the violence does not bother me more than the suspicious indifference attitude of the law keeper, administration that allowed the violence for more than 2 hours and silently watched tribal women and men being torn apart, abused, violated upon and butchered like they were not human. No excuse can justify the fact that the administration on Saturday miserably failed to protect its own citizens.

I still cannot digest that the vandalism ‘was a spontaneous violent reaction’ of the locals considering the timing, and execution of the 'reaction' as the protesting tribals were all cornered. The fleeing tribals were also intercepted even in adjoining areas of Betapara, 6th Mile and Khanapara gullies which suggests the entire reaction could have been pre-planned by anti-social elements.

The Government of Assam though belated has eventually acted by transferring the SSP and DC and also brought the individual goons who mercilessly stripped a tribal girl to book. The inquiry instituted by the Government is expected to pint point the action and inactions of the concerned authorities and to recommend exemplary punitive legal action against all the culprits.

The Government has also begun the healing process by announcing various ‘plans and decisions’ to address the long-pending demand of the Adivasi communities of Assam.

Lets all join hands together to condemn the vandalism and remind the administration of its primary function: protection of lives and properties of citizens. Saturday, it was the helpless Adivasi brethren and unless a strong message is sent across, it could be anybody next.

Mangneo Lhungdim
26th Nov 07



I really could not believe my eyes. I was too busy with my office work even during the weekend and woke up to the terrible tidings quite late.

Sudeep said...

I was a little busy with my studies but when i turned my television on and saw the clips of the people's most unhuman act i really coudnt believe my eyes. Over this disgusting act of the people i only want to say that the law in our country has now no existance for me. I would only like to say that if i were the law i would probably forget about the murderers the kidnappners and any these types of criminals and rather take severe action againdst such people.